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Tree Trimming

Trimming trees has many benefits. It can reduce risk by removing dangerous and dead branches, it can have a positive impact on the health of your trees, and it can make them more aesthetically pleasing. Our first priority is always the safety and long term health of the tree, and trimming helps to achieve this goal. When done properly, trimming can actually help the tree devote its resources where they are most needed, leading to more root and leaf growth, and in turn, stronger branches. 

Tree Removal

Unfortunately trees do die or at times need to be removed for safety or other practical reasons. While we do love trees, and always strive to protect and save them when possible, we do offer full removal services. Whether it is a hazardous tree that needs to be taken down, or removal for the purpose of construction, or another reason, our staff of trained arborists are able to serve your needs with expert care.

Stump Removal

Once a tree or shrub has been removed, there is an unsightly stump left over and most clients wish to have it removed as well. some trees and shrubs will try to grow back from the stump, and others will decay, leading to fungal growth and attracting insects like carpenter ants, termites, and roaches. Bugs can make it into your house, and fungus can spread to other plants and even a lawn. For these reasons, our recommendation as well as the best practice is properly removing the stump. 

Plant Health Care

Like any living thing, trees can struggle with diseases and disorders. Our expert staff can help diagnose and treat any number of problems your trees may be suffering from. Fungal and bacterial infections, pests, or other environmental factors including damage and weather are all things we can help treat. 

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Tree Lined Path
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